It’s videos like this that really make me stop and think... “is this really my life?”
I know most of you know my story... but for those of you that don’t, here it is. 
4 years old. Became obsessed with rock music. (Linkin Park being my favorite band...probably not the healthiest influence... but thanks dad! LOL) 
5 years old. Started playing guitar. (no one in my family is musical. It was just always in my heart) 
12 years old. Started singing, writing & performing. 
18 years old. Started playing bars 
19 years old. Wanted to reach more people & got the crazy idea to take my truck out to the middle of a tailgate before a Brad Paisley concert 
19 years old. Recorded my debut 6 song EP featuring “Drop a Tailgate” that was inspired by those sunburned CRAZY tailgates I played off the back of my truck... wouldn’t trade those days for anything 
20 years old. Released the “Buy You a Drink” EP, started selling out my own headlining shows, played the MAIN STAGE on a festival with Riley Green, Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, Chase Rice, & Kip Moore at the same amphitheater I used to park my tailgate at and play off the back of. 
21 years old. COVID hit, had to cancel my tour, got in the best shape of my life physically & mentally, started reading a book per week, recorded the “We Brought The Party” EP. 
22 years old... ⤵️ 

& now here I am at 22 years old... just released one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written “Nashville & Hawaii”, and as corny as it sounds, I actually shed a few tears watching this video that @michelle sent me. Of course I have massive goals to sell out arenas, amphitheaters, and stadiums across the world... but watching this video... I realized that the only thing that 19 year old me (with a voice a few semi-tones higher than it is now) wanted was to connect with people & make happy through music. At 22 years old... that’s still the only thing I want & it’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m absolutely humbled & grateful beyond words. I love music more than anything & love y’all like family. Keep loving the music. There’s tons more coming. Love y’all ❤️🌅🏟